32 Weeks of Pregnancy

Wow... after pumping myself with lots of food for the past 1 month, Ethan's weight increased tremendously; from 1kg to 1.9kg. Mummy also increased by 2.2kg to 53kg now. Phew... I think that is enough! Dr. Vincent also advised me to control my food intake already. Else I might have difficulties when it comes to vaginal delivery.

We managed to see part of Ethan's face because he was hiding underneath my placenta. Hubby teased that Ethan's nose looks like me (wide) and I told him that his mouth looks like him (small and thin). Anyway, he is our precious one and of course he looks like us!

Consultation fees: RM 50


CL said...

I am sure Ethan looks utterly adorable, can't wait to take his first pictures upon birth!

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