Happy 2-Month Birthday, Ethan!

I woke up Sunday morning and realized that I am now the mommy of a two-month old (well, eight-week old) infant. Ethan has grown. He looks much bigger than he used to be. He is 5.2kg now and 4cm longer than when he was born. When I look at the hundreds of pictures we’ve taken of him since hhe was born, there are clear signs of maturity. His eyes are less puffy now, his eyelashes are full and his eyebrows are starting to grow in.

It has been fun watching Ethan grown from a fresh-out-of-the-womb baby to a two-month old infant. He is so much more fun than he used to be. Last week, he started laughing while awake. He used to laugh in his sleep, but never before had he laughed in response to things he actually found funny. But now he’ll laugh when we play peek-a-boo & when we make funny faces. He likes us to talk to him & amazingly, he likes to take pictures.

However, Ethan has refused to sleep in his baby cot. He even demand to have his own room. That's why he has been sleeping in the other room than with us. I was kind of sad initially because I worry that he would not recognize who is his mommy later (His nanny, Susana is sleeping with him). But what can I do? He was extremely cranky when he slept in our room. We ended up with a tiring and exhausted night. Anyway, my friends have assured me that our baby will somehow bond to his own mommy. So I'm much relief now!

In the weeks and months to come, I look forward to seeing how much Ethan will change and grow! So happy two-month birthday, my precious boy. Mommy looks forward to many more.


Ever since I'm pregnant, I have told myself that I will breastfeed Ethan exclusively. My determination got stronger during the moment Dr. Gan brought him to me. He was so smart to search for my nipple and latch it on. The feeling was absolutely good!

However, the journey of breastfeeding is not an easy one. Ethan was landed to hospital due to jaundice. I was so stressed up till my milk production was affected as well. Luckily, we have a savior to help Ethan get through this difficulties moments.

My milk supply has started from the initial 2oz to 4-5 oz now. Though it is not much but I'm trying my best to provide him the best nutrients. I do mix with formula but I tried to minimize it, if possible. My MIL always think that breast milk is not filling. Actually, baby appetite isn't big unless we have tried to stretch their stomach capacity. Recently, I met a pharmacist who is still breastfeeding her daughter till now (7 months old). I was surprised when she told me that her baby is taking 3oz of milk now. However, she told me that her baby is growing healthily and she is much more stronger compared to other babies. See! They are getting enough. Demand = Supply!

Besides, I have also taking fenugreek to boost up my milk production. It does help in some extend. Thanks to my SIL. Hopefully when I resume to work next month, my milk production will still flow in smoothly. :P

Durian Rash - Update!

Ethan has a Durian tree.
It grows on his head.
How many they have?
5! Do you want to buy?
We have XO, D24, D101, Red Prawn & Bamboo Leg!
Ooolala........What is the price?
Haha... sorry! It is our precious & we don't sell it!

P/S: After applying the olive and coconut oil, the rash has dropped finally.

Baby Language

Ethan was quite cranky since the past 3 weeks. He screamed and cried without any reasons (my assumption). I have fed him, I have carried him, etc. He just couldn't calmed himself down. He can't sleep peacefully too. Whenever we thought he has aslept & put him to bed, he will wake up again!

Later we found out that he is suffering from upper and lower wind. He farts many times. Hence, I have stressed to Susana & my MIL that we must burp Ethan after his feeding. Initially, my MIL didn't really believe in it but I insisted it. So they will try to burp him nowadays. Besides, Ethan also has a very swallow tummy. He can't drink much and he will end up spitting up the milk. I was worried that he never get enough of milk. Again, I called up his pediatric, Dr. Gan to check on his condition. She told me that the spitting up was due to their immature digestive system, especially the sphincter. So it it totally fine. I also checked whether I could give him Woodward's Gripe Water for his upper and lower wind. She don't believe in it as it might be just a placebo effect. She asked us to burp him in between or after each of his feeding.

With such a cranky baby, I have visited the Dunstan Baby Language recommended by Vix. It is quite interesting actually. I tried to pick up some of it from Ethan but failed. Haha.... His cries is enough to make the world tumble down!

From his bodysuit, he has already told us that "I don't sleep, NOBODY sleeps!" Headache........

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