What does 6908 mean to you? Maybe it is nothing special but just the numbers. However, it does mean a lot to us & our family. So why is this date so special? Hehe....... because it is our wedding celebration!
As early as today, we've received a special song dedication from our lovely sister. Yes, September is a happening month. Besides Ma & Sis's birthday, our anniversary also falls on this
month too - 911. Guess we will not be celebrating this anniversary anymore. So which date should we be celebrating for our next anniversary? Our ROM's date, 24-04-08 or our Chinese wedding ceremony's date, 06-09-08?


steff@lifeadventurez.com said...

soon lor soon lor u will be Mrs Chan. *ahem*

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Aiyo steph.... legally I'm Mrs. Chan already ma. ;p

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