Mood Swings

Should I blame on my hormones? Sometimes up and sometimes down. I read an article which says that these swings may be more pronounced in the 1st trimester because the hormonal havoc is at its peak.

I expect BB to be as excited as me for our first baby. But he is just normal. I don't deny that he did help whenever I have a request. However, I find myself having difficulties to talk to him nowadays. I feel stress. I scare that I said something wrong and he will bombard me again.

I refused to talk to him yesterday though he did try to cheer me up. He tried again when we were watching the series, I can't hold my tears anymore. I cried. I told him how I felt all this while. He explained to me. He told me that he does not want to see me behaving such a way. He do not blame me. He said that it was due to my hormonal changes during the pregnancy and he understood.

We have a good talk and I can see that he was also crying just now. I have hurt my love one. I do not want this to happen again. BB taught me that whenever I am angry, I gotta remind myself that it is due to my hormonal changes. Do not keep on dragging and thinking of the issue. It is bad for me and also the baby as well.

I feel better after pouring out my dissatisfaction and unhappiness. I am going to enjoy my pregnancy from now onwards.


chloeyap said...

Hey yeah blame it on the hormones... Mood swings are very common... Hey trust me, guys don't show their excitement, and they pretend as normal always. Don't waste your energy to be mad at them, they hardly show their emotion, hahah COLD BLOODED CREATURES!

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Haha... there is a good one. Cold Blooded Creatures! :P

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