33 Weeks of Pregnancy

It was a stressful week. My dad undergone his CABG surgery. It was so torturing to wait for the operation done. He was in the operation theater for almost 7 hours. I felt so relieved after getting the phone call from my brother that the surgery was a successful one. Phew........... I sincerely thank to everyone of you for the prayers and concerns given to my dad.

While my mum is not around & KJ's parents have to work, I helped to take care of Kai Jun every afternoon. In fact, he is quite easy to taking care of. He even told me that I'm his "Lao Po" (wife) when BB is not around. Haha...

My backache and pelvic pain is getting severe as the weeks progress, especially when I get up from the bed. However, I just have to bear with it for another 4-6 weeks. BB did massage me. It did not really help to ease the pain but I can feel the sweetness and thoughtfulness he is giving to me. Thanks BB.


Dora said...

It's great to know that ur dad's operation is successful.

Yeah 3rd trimester is the toughest but after that u'll meet ur precious baby soon! Take care.

Nicole said...

Take good good care girl :-)

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