Mummy in Dilemma

I have been in dilemma for the past 2 weeks. My Dad's Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is approaching soon; which is on the 20th this month. I have promised him before that I will be going up to support him. But with the current H1N1 situation and also my condition, doctors, family members and friends have advised me to reconsider my plan. Yes, I'm worry too but then how should I tell him? He has been having nightmares for the past few weeks and you can see that he is also worrying of this surgery too. We may cheer him and advise him that he is getting the best center and the best surgeon to do the operation for him, but it's easier said than done! It is a major surgery after all.

Well, I just hope that Dad will understand my condition. Baby Ethan & I will pray for him everyday. I will also load some religious music and his favourite songs for him into my iPod. At least, this gadget will help to ease his mind before the surgery and also help to calm him down during the recovery period. So I must make sure that I complete this task by this weekend. Dad, this is the little thing that I can do for you but I'm sure that you will be out from the operation theater safely. Ethan will also wanna see his "Wai Gong" (Grandpa) in another 6-8 weeks time.


stephanie kok said...

We shall keep your dad in prayer. Pray that he will recover.

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