Jaundice Update

Phew..... Finally Ethan was abled to discharg on Monday. His SB reading was at 196 (11.5) unit. We were so happy! But Dr. Gan has advised that his jaundice might rise a bit but it should not be severe anymore. The rise might due to breastfeed jaundice and some can prolong till 4-6 weeks. I'm kind of stress out and keep on monitoring him now and then. I even requested my CL to stop using ginger in my food temporarily until Ethan is fully recovered.

Daddy, I am back home & I miss you here.

We brought him for sunbathing on the next morning. He is cool, right?

The 2nd day of his sunbathing.

Poliklinik Ayer Keroh's nurses came to check on him. Great news that his jaundice is perfectly fine now. His weight is at 3kg on his 8th day of birth.


aileen said...

baby heart beat so fast stil eh?

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