My Labor Experience

After taking my pregnancy portraits, I have told Ethan that he can come out anytime he wants to. So the next morning, 21-Sept-09, I experienced a series of roller coaster.

815am: Upon waking up from my sleep, I can feel an amount of liquid flowing out from my vaginal. I quickly cleaned up myself and have my last shower.

930am: My McD breakfast.

Is Hubby B ready to see his lovely son?

I admitted to Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh at 1030am. The staff nurse did a vaginal examination for me & it was only dilated 1cm. She told me that the dilation for 1st delivery is about 1cm per hour. So I shall expect to see Ethan by 9pm??

The fetal heartbeat & my contraction chart.

1100: I was given enema to clear my bowel.

1135: I was induced with Pitocin 3mg. It was inserted into my vaginal and it was kind of painful. With the Pitocin, I was not allowed to walk around till 1230pm.

1233: Nurse said my contraction was a weak one. Amniotic fluid is still leaking.

1400: Suffering moderate backache & period cramp symptom. Dr. Liu is not here yet to examine me. I'm hungry but I am not allowed to take any food except for liquid. Hence I requested for a cup of Milo.

1450: Midwife asked me to remove my cutex. Sigh.... wasted my money doing the pedicure.

1500: I'm having moderate contraction.

1600: Aiya.... I need to run to the toilet. Diarrhea.

My camera man for the day. Hehe... Guess he is excited too!

1630: Only dilated 3cm. Dr. Tan KH came for epidural anesthesia procedure. It was a little discomfort when the needle went into my spine.

This blood pressure set is to monitor my pressure after the Epidural. The upper reading should always keep at 100 and above.

I'm still energetic!

2100: VE check again! OMG! Only 4cm. I'm suffering from severe gastric pain & was given Zantac injection.

2145: Staff Nurse came. She said my bladder might be full. Hence she put urine catheter to drain up my urine.

2300: Contraction pain on my left upper thigh and back. The epidural set was not well operated by the nurses. I will complain to Dr. Tan later!

2350: VE again! I'm fully dilated but still do not have the urge to push (passing motion).

0030: Dr. Liu came. I am kind of demotivated after he told me that Ethan's head is not engaged & I might go under c-section delivery. However, he suggested to try vacuum delivery first.

I'm kind of worry if I could make it for this vacuum delivery. Anyway, I told myself to stay positive & I must make sure I push Ethan out from my tummy.

Phew.... I successfully delivered Ethan out with only 6 pushes. What a relief!

I can't stop myself from crying after seeing Baby Ethan. It is such a miracle.

Ethan's pediatric, Dr. Gan YC examined Ethan while Dr. Liu is clearing out my placenta. I had 30 stitches since there is a tear (episiotomy).

When everything is done, Dr. Gan brought Ethan to me! He was crying none stop but when I called him, he stopped immediately. We're amazed! Dr. Gan, as a lactation consultant too, has shown us the power of Breast Crawl. Ethan searched for my nipple & he suckled it once he found it. He got my precious colostrum! Well done, Ethan. Dr. Gan also shared with us the benefits of breastfeeding & we have learned a lot from her.

0200: Dr. Tan KH came to remove the epidural needle from my spine. He shown me the blue tip must be seen when the small tubing is pulled out.

Then the staff nurse came to clean up my wound. It is already 3am when they pushed me to the ward to rest. I was overwhelming & excited! I only slept for 2.5 hrs and the nurse came. I was asked to pass urine and I managed to do so though I was kind of worried that the wound might hurt.

The nurse pushed him in for breastfeeding. Hallo Ethan!

Daddy & Ethan. Thanks Hubby B. You have always be a very supportive husband throughout my pregnancy & labor journey. I cherish it very much. I love you always.

Do I like good? Hehe... At last!


lil' bulb said...

Hey, you are super. I think you enjoyed your labour a lot with epidural....but I thought the epidural could only last for max 6 hours?

sinlee said...

yup....u r great...still look ok after the delivery..;)

CL said...

hehe yah first time i see a couple seem to so enjoy the labour although a bit pain in the end.

Lovely Mummy said...

Congratulations to you! long time didn't visit your blog. ur bb is so are you? still having confinement? Take care and rest more... :)

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