Ethan's Full Moon

It is a Divali & we decided to celebrate Ethan Full Moon on the day too. I thought I would be a pretty mommie on his day but who knows that I turned out wearing the awful glasses. Sigh.... Actually, my CL supposed to take care Ethan and I wanna have a good rest. Who knows that she asked me to take care of Ethan! She was asked to wake up early to prepare the Ginger Chicken Wine (10 chickens) by my MIL. Moreover, Ethan was so naughty that he pooped quite a numbers of time during the night. I was so exhausted till I've shown my sour face to BB. Poor him.... Don't even dare to talk to me. Haha!

On the day, my eyes were badly infected & I was restless. After washing out ourselves, we have this hair cutting ceremony for Ethan. The ceremony was completed with the help from Grandma.

Daddy is cutting Ethan's hair.

I took the red egg to roll on his cheeks so that he will have a rosy cheek. Haha...

Mai Po fed him after the ceremony.

Our lovely Grandma. She is my all time favourite because she is always with her smilling face & humble look.

Ethan slept so soundly in the living hall.

My beloved no. 1 - Kai Jun!

My beloved no. 2 - Lucas. He is getting chubby now. Haha...

Daddy, Mummy & Ethan.

And of course with me!

We have forgotten to take family photo during the day. So these are the pics we managed to capture in the evening. We also missed all the photos session with our family and relatives! What a regret!

Ethan's pressies.


ee ting said...

haha,kai jun and lucas looks kind of funny in the pics. especially lucas. haha, my two boys are proud brothers of little ethan. hopefully three of them can play and grow up together like how i was with my cousins. enjoy ur parenthood. I know u'll definately will. Finally u become a mother!!!!

lil' bulb said...

Why your one month confinement was faster compared to mine last time??? ha speed up? Happy Full Moon, Ethan boy!

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