Ethan's Nanny

Initially, we do not know whether we shall let Susana to take care of Ethan or not. However, we decided to engage her as Ethan's Nanny after she has agreed with the terms & conditions we have set for her.

She carries Ethan with this sling. It was quite scary to look at on the first glance as I worried Ethan might fell out from the sling. However, she has assured that Ethan will be safe in the sling. Haha... Anyway, we do not wanna Ethan to be carried & pampered too much in this sling.

Susana has just undergone her hysterectomy on Thursday. She has been discharged today & she will be able to take care of Ethan once she is fully recovered. Well, she has met our requirements so far. She is organized and she is clean. Most importantly, she obeys to our T&C so far. No complaints at the moments but we will still monitor her on and off.

Wish "Wak Wak" (a.k.a Auntie) will have a speedy recovery!


sinlee said...

get one of those nice slings from chin nee look much nicer ;)

chinnee said...

hehe...if kakak is carrying, no need to spend money lol

i let me maid carry my boys with sarong like this too, until the boys are bigger. with rings, it is always safer especially when they wriggle a lot. if tie like this, it will loosen easily after a while.

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