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Emily called this afternoon to inform me that our wedding's card has finished printing. Wow.... they are fast. It was only a week time from the day we confirmed the layout & contents. The cards cost us RM 1.80/pc.

Malacca's brides & grooms, if you are interested to print your own wedding cards, please check with One Zoom Enterprise as they have a variety of cards for you to choose.

One Zoom Enterprise
Address: No.183 Taman Melaka Raya, 75050 Melaka
Contact: Mr. Han Lim / Ms. Emily Cheah @ 06-2922 955

Anyway, I would like to share with you the Chinese invitations wording:
  1. The Chinese Calender Year
  2. 舍女: Meaning you are the only daughter in the family irregardless if you have brothers or not.
  3. 奉慈命: If only the grandmother is alive. 奉严命: If the grandfather is alive. 奉严命: If the grandparents of the bride and groom are alive. If both the grandparents have passed away, then it is left blank.
  4. R.S.V.P.: 2 weeks before the wedding date.
Ok. Gotta go to get myself busy with the cards. :-)


chandra said...

This card is very special! thanks for sharing this with me!!
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marriage invitation cards said...

In India, wedding is considered as the most auspicious occasion in the family and you want everything to be just perfect. Everyone wants to make marriage in the family a memorable one.

internetexplorer said...

Very very lovely wedding invitation designs! I have been a part of creating simple handmade invitations for my friends and I was so delighted to have found more of these lovely inspirations. Please please allow me to pin them on my Pinterest board? thanks much!!
Wedding Invitation Designs

Wedding Invitations Tips said...

love the color and heart symbol on the front of invitation! it would be nice, having some embroidery designs or peacock theme on invitation.

# splendid indian wedding cards online

Invitation Cards Bangalore said...

Thanks for sharing beautiful design...

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