His Betrothal, My Return of Gifts

One week before our wedding,.............

One of my favourite food from Mum - Mee Siam.

BBQ Chicken Wings from my younger brother.

This naughty one is the first to eat the yummylicious food served.

My SIL, Kai Jun & Grandma.

While waiting for Hubby B, two of us were playing with the camera. Kai Jun held me so tight as if he was telling me that he does not want "Ku Ku" to leave him.

Gifts from the groom side.

Pa lights up the candles as the start of the ceremony.

Our "Mei Ren", Auntie Jenny.

Brother: Sis, can you behave a little bit serious while the prayer is still carrying on?
Me: I'm posing for the best so that you could capture such an important moment. Muahaha....

While we enjoying our meal.......
Elder brother is busy preparing the stuffs to return to the groom side.
It was all done!

Grandma is admiring our wedding picture with a smile on her face.

I'm promoting mum's mee siam by packing it for Auntie Jenny to bring back home. ;-P

Ceremony done & BB is preparing to go back to Seremban for their prayer.

We have nothing better to do. So again, self portrait.

My favourite roast pork.

Mum is cutting it. I can't wait to eat it.

Biscuits to be given to the relatives.

He seem to enjoy the day very much.


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