Return of Gifts (回礼) & Bride’s Gifts (嫁妆)

Since the big day is approaching soon, my parents & I went to buy dowry stuffs last Monday. Following are the address & contact number for the shop.

72, Kampung Pantai,
74200 Melaka,
Tel: 06-283 2390

The shop sells most of the things & the uncle who served us is very experienced. However, we only bought the necessary stuffs.

So what have I gotten for my GDL?

1. Red round tray which consisted of the following items:
  • Dried longan: Prosperity (龙眼干: 祝福子孫興旺,含有龍的傳人、圓滿多福、代代相傳、生生不息之意)
  • Grains: Sufficient food (五谷: 丰衣足食)
  • Handkerchiefs: Good living (手帕: 有衣食)
  • Charcoals: Happy post-marital life for the bridge (炭: :多生子女)
  • 8 pieces of red packet with "yuan qian"
  • 2 rolls of cotton: Harmony from now till old age (棉: 白发齐眉)
  • Flower Hair Pin: For Mother-in-law (喜花 / 头花: 供家婆插在头上)
2. Tea Set:
  • The tea ceremony is the most significant event in a Chinese wedding as it serves as a mean to introduce the bride and the groom to other members of the family. During the tea ceremony, the couple will serve tea to family members & address them by their official title. Drinking the tea symbolises acceptance to the family & the sweetness of the tea (lotus seeds and red dates are used) is a wish for sweet relations between the two families.

3. A pair of bedside lamps:
  • symbolize bright future.

4. Baby bathtub & potty (
  • The uncle has asked me to put a 'ang pao' inside the potty. He then wrapped up the potty nicely. So during our wedding day, we'll ask a little boy to break the wrapper & get the 'ang pao' out. Some has said that the boy needs to pee inside the potty. Anyway, it means bringing many children and grandchildren

5. Sewing basket:
  • It comes with even numbered rolls of colourful thread, needles, pincushion, scissors & sewing wax with auspicious words on it. It signifies a capable wife.

6. Ruler:
  • Property (:良田萬頃)

7. Two sheets of Sarung:
  • Delivering the first baby as soon as possible.

8. Two bottles of Sunquick orange juices.
  • To exchange with the hard liquor.

9. Two packets of
  • Happy & everlasting marriage (甜蜜果: 甜甜蜜蜜)

10. Oranges

11. Son-in-law's trousers:
  • Wealth & fortune (女婿的長褲:長命富貴)

Long lists right? Hehe....


sinlee said...

eh mum got the stuff from that shop too...;)

nicole tan said... are really great...u list down the stuffs...i am getting marry coming dec08...everyday read your blog as guideline...hehe...i got a good book from popular for wedding...super detail in procedures from beginning til de end...if u r interested...i can share with u...its in chinese version oh...stay pretty ya...

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi steph, im sry for my late reply. Im using adobe illustrator for my digiscrap.

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi Sin Lee, I guess this is the only shop that Malaccan goes to. :)

Hi Nicole, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope the info does help you in preparing ur upcoming wedding. Heard that u r taking your pre-wedding photo soon right? Diet, diet & diet! Hehe....

Hi Jean, I'm using Adobe Photoshop Element v6. However, still do not know how to do it yet. Maybe I should try with Adobe Illustrator. Is it a free prog that I can download from the web? said...

how much u spend on all that?
whoa kena pakai manyak duit wor...

cbenc12 said...

oh my god. i dont know need to buy so much stuff for a wedding! i have no idea at all~!

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Hi Steff, we spent about RM 200+ from this shop. We already cut down a lot items from the list! :)

Hi Ben, you will know it soon.

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