Our Ballroom Decoration

We are doing something like the above picture as part of our wedding deco. Nice right?
Anyway, I'm headache now. Should I go for balloons or flowers for the balance of the deco? O.K. Let me explain.
  1. Balloons' arch at the entrance 2 & helium-filled balloons at the ceiling near to the reception counter (Total cost: RM 700).
  2. Only fresh flower standees (3 in a row for both side) along the walkway plus rose petals. Then we will use the artificial flowers' arch from the hotel (Total cost: RM 580).
I think we do not need the balloon's arch at the entrance 2. As entrance 1 is quite narrow, a balloons' arch will look a bit messy there. Personally, I prefer to have the option 2. The price quoted by Ambridge Cottage is quite reasonable & I like their ideas & services too. Anyway, I will need to discuss with Hubby B first.


steff@lifeadventurez.com said...

flowers will be prettier, a lot of balloons will look like a kiddie party...

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