Wedding Gifts

I have received 2 wedding gifts officially.

A Tissot's book?Haha... it is a automatic watch given by my beloved Kor Kor (auntie) & my lovely younger brother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A diamond platinum ring (Liza, you understood my meaning ya)?

It is a beautiful jewelry fashion watch from Folli Follie. Yes, I love watches. My buddies know it & I appreciated their thought very much. They shouldn't have waste their money to buy me any gift. So Pai Seh! Liza, Samantha, Gladys, Chloe, Sharine & Cheong, thank you so much!


Hapi said...
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Lovely Mummy said...

congratulations to you and ur hubby...i tot u married long time

pearly said...

nice watches Stephanie! and CONGRATULATIONS on ur wedding! :)

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