Our Bunting

Today was a tiring day. I got our bunting from GL advertising (5.5 x 8ft). The Groom one is nice. My bunting's finishing is not up to my expectation. They actually patched up with another piece of tarpaulin. So after collecting the organza from the fabric shop, I headed to City Bayview Hotel. Together with the event organizer, we tried out the defect bunting. Hmmm... it was sad to say that the defect can still be seen. Besides, the plastic pole of the bunting was curling in due to its heaviness.

Hence, I sent back the bunting to GL. They agreed to redo the defected piece. However, I'm worrying the plastic pole now. I scare that it will drop off during the dinner if they hang up 2-3 days earlier before the dinner. Just pray that everything will go on smoothly that night. :-)


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