10 Weeks of Pregnancy

I went for checkup under Dr. Vishnu on Tuesday . As usual, he did an ultrasound for me. While scanning, he shown me the baby hands and legs. Wonder is our baby reacted to the scan, I can actually see our baby clenching his / her fingers. Haha... what a active baby. Must be like the father.
The ultrasound also shown that our baby length as of Week 10 is 3.79cm. The strange thing is that the EDD is on 28-Sept instead of 7-Oct. My SIL and Chloe told me that the EDD will change on each scan as it was measured based on the baby size.

Besides, Dr. Vishnu has also off my progesterone therapy. Yeah... I do not need to take medicine anymore!

He has asked me to come back 3 weeks from now as he is going to do a Nuchal Translucency thickness test for me. It is to check on the risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome, congenital heart defects and other genetic disorders. Overall, I'm getting better now though I still do not have much appetite in the evening. My weight has dropped slightly; from 48kg to 47.5kg now. :)

Consultation Fees: RM 50


alfredo said...

cool ya...when u see the baby moving! very amazing right? hehe

chloeyap said...

heheh amazing to see your baby moving inside you yeah

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Chloe & Alfred, yes, it is so amazing that the little one is swimming and playing inside my womb. :)

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