My iPhone 3G

Finally I got my long waiting Christmas and Valentine's Day present from my lovely BB on 23-03-09. We signed up for a year contract under RM 155 plan. So, the phone costs RM 2,160.

This iPhone is cool. Even my nephew, Kai Jun loves it. Haha....Thanks Hubby B!


Sasha said...

hahahh i cannot stop laughing when i see yr hub's pic at the sidebar.. the way he make his face.

Anyway he is so sweet to get u an ifone. So nice!

chloeyap said...

how is your new toy??? nice hor??? so envy got present!!!

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Sasha: Thanks for dropping by my blog. Ya, that was funny. He was trying to tease that my eyes are small.

Chloe: so far so good but the batt's life is pretty short, esp i play games. :p

Jean said...

hi steph! pls check yr email, k! :)

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