I'm Holding a Miracle

An ex-colleague of mine shared this piece of clip in Facebook. I am so in love with it & wanna share it with all the mummies and mummies-to-be in my my blog. Enjoy!


Cheng Leng said...

Most Christians believe that a baby is already a live human being from the moment he was conceived. I believe that too, that is why I believe if you talk to your baby, he will respond. He is a real live human being.

But many non-Christians believe that the baby is only a real live human being after he is born out of the womb and that right now, he is just a pile of tissue.

I don't know, what do you think?

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Though I am not a Christian, but I believe that I'm carrying a live human being rather than a tissue. I always talk and greet the little one in my womb. As I think he / she can actually listen and understand me! But Feng is the latter one. He will only enjoy the happiness when baby is born. Maybe that is the diff between being a Father and Mother. :P

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