Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

I have always love to sleep on my back. But ever since pregnant, I was advised to sleep on my side, especially on my left side! Why can't I enjoy this luxury anymore? Reason being is sleeping on your back puts pressure on a major vein that transport blood from the lower body back to your heart, the inferior vena cava.

According to the experts, by sleeping on your left side, you’re allowing the highest amount of blood flow to your baby. At the same time, you’re helping your kidney to function more efficiently which in turn helps to reduce swelling. One of the more important organs at the right side of your body is the liver which regulates many important functions while you’re pregnant. Sleeping on your left would also alleviate putting unnecessary pressure on your liver.

Photo taken from babycenter

So, I'm starting to develop the habit of left side sleeping with my knees bent and pillow between my legs for maximum comfort.


LearningGolf said...

Huh? No blog about your new phone yet??? Come on la....
Instead of using the pillow, use feng as a replacement la :P

Karlie said...

When I was pregnant it was very hard to sleep in any position. They say that sleeping on the left side is the best. The only way I could manage that was to get a body pillow. It was great and was able to stay on the side. Then I would tuck the bottom end of the pillow between my knees.

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