36 Weeks of Pregnancy

We made it for another week. It was rather a busy week for me. Basically, I went to get my sales done, bring my clients for lunch, send them moon cakes & say goodbye to them. So, budget has hit till max! Hehe.... $$$$! Hope it is sufficient to last me till I get another new job.

Oh ya! Hubby B and I have been giving a deep thought and consideration for the past 1 week. We have come to the conclusion to have Susana to take care of our baby. Why have we changed our plan? Hmm.... partly I guess she has be with us (I would say more to Hubby B's family) for so many years and she is quite attach to our family too. Besides, we also do not wish to see her lost of her job as she has a family to feed in Indonesia. Thirdly, we can go holidays with a peace of mind without worrying that our mum do not wanna help us picking up our baby. :)

Hence, Hubby & I have spoken to her during her visit today. Well, we have laid out our concerns to her and she accepted it happily.
  1. She must go for her fibroid checkup. If it still exist, she must go for operation to remove it out. We need a healthy maid rather than she fainted half way when taking care of baby.

  2. She is the only one responsible in taking care our baby. We do not want 2 maids to take care of baby because if anything did happen, we do not know who is the one to blame on.

  3. She must not go out as she wishes to and left the baby with Eeyos. If she needs to go out, she must make sure that one of our family member is in the house. Oh... Eeyos is a blur queen & she is not alert enough. So we do not want her to take care of baby at all.

  4. For hygiene purposes, we have told her strictly not to touch Flame for the first 8-12 months. We do not know how well is baby health development system & we also worry of his allergic reaction towards its furs & mites.
The decision has made and we shall have faith on Susana. Maybe for the first few months, we will monitor and spot check her on and off. After all, we trust that she could perform a good job. Else, we will have no choice but to send our baby to babysitter d.


Mummy to QiQi said...

it is good that you and your family have come to the best solution for baby Ethan. Also not every babysitter is as perfect as you think. WHo knows, Suzana can perform better job. At least u can teach her to care your baby with your own style, just how my maid do with the boys.

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