Ethan Chan De Rui

Our first precious, Ethan Chan De Rui was born via vacuum delivery on 22 September 2009 at Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh.

Weight: 2.64kg (less than we expected, 3.1kg as per last Saturday checkup)

Head Circumference: 35.5 cm

Length: 50 cm

He was sleeping soundly! Wonder did he know that he has came back home?

Ethan with his Nai Nai (Grandma).

Everyone said that he looks like Daddy. For those who know him, what do you think?

Photos are taken by his Yeh Yeh (Grandpa). Thanks PaPa!

Some conversation to share with the readers:

Hubby B: How do you feel being a Mummy:

Me : Ok. Tired. But kind of upset as I am still not able to carry & breastfeed him correctly on my right side. I'm more comfortable to the left. :(

Hubby B: It's ok. You are too careful, Nie. You gotta hold him like this (demonstrated by BB)!

Me: Oh ok! How about you as a Daddy?

Hubby B: Haha! Much more tiring than getting married! I just wish that he could grow fast and healthily.

Me: Hey BB, you are doing very well so far! PaPa also amazed to see you carry & burp Ethan boy.

We are both exhausted. Poor BB! He was not feeling well! Both of us fell to our dreamland after that! zzzzzzzzzzz.............. BB, thanks for your support and care throughout the entire birth journey! I love you.


sinlee said...

Congrats to both of fast can blog already ar? wishing you a fast recovery...and do send my hugs and kisses to baby ethan...;)

lil' bulb said...

Hey new mummy, congratulations! Since you can post your bb photo here, guess you are doing well. Ethan really cooperate with mummy. Anyway, he looks like daddy.

CL said...

Yeah, I am amazed at your recovery. Congratulations and well done on the speedy delivery and good breastfeeding.

Hello Ethan, welcome to the world outside the womb.

Dora said...

Eh LiLi you delivered already! Just commented ur post days ago...

Anyway, congrats to u & ur hubby! Welcome to the world little Ethan. Now you are much relief right LiLi?

HJ® said...

Li, congrats on the arrival of Ethan. He's a good-looker!

Enjoy every moment with him, and take care of yourself k!

Oh Li, happy breastfeeding too : )

Alfredoooo said...

hi, ur baby is cute face keep changing la..but at the moment look like tak feng :P take good care during confinement mth :p

Mummy to QiQi said...

just about to saw the first pic your baby looks exactly like your hubby la...

dont worry about the breastfeeding one side easier than another. Most mummies I know (inc myself) face the same prob too. Many even said one more milk than another, which is fine actually. U r doing great, Li!

Kellie said...

Congrats!! Good job and tk care! All the best to you and ur hubby!

bigggfish said...

congrats ya! Very happy for you!

Poh Kien said...

Hey, havent have a chance to talk to you, thinking you deserve a good rest.. Ya, I have to say Ethan's like daddy..

So how's breastfeeding?

Marie said...

LiLi, 22nd of Sept was my EDD. But my Isaac boy decided to meet mummy n daddy earlier. Both of us delivered on the 38th week, our boys must be really excited to see us.

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