My Prenatal Yoga Class

My prenatal yoga class has ended in my 37 weeks of pregnancy. I have been enjoying the class very much with Caroline. She has been very supportive and giving me lots of advice & courage throughout my pregnancy journey. Hope I will have the chance to continue my post natal class with her. Thanks Caroline.

Am I delivering soon? Haha... it is very much depends on this week checkup. If Dr. Liu confirmed that baby size is ok, then maybe we will plan for induce labor after Raya holidays. Though I'm worry, but just lets nature take its course!


J Taylor said...

That is wonderful you were able to do some pre natal yoga. I hear that is one of the best exercise routines you could so when pregnant. For me, I wasn't into yoga so much. My Pregnancy WorkoutsJust mostly walking an light weights.
You have a beautiful boy and hope you have many many happy years with him.


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