Our 1st Year Anniversary

Times fly so fast. We were married for a year! Throughout the year, I do not deny that we have misunderstanding and argument. However, we discussed it and tried to understand each other point of views. We accepted & respected as who we are!

We are lucky that we share the same thoughts most of the time. Hubby B has been very supportive all this while, especially when I'm preggo. His patience, love and care is filled fully in my little heart. I'm fortunate to have him as my lovely Hubby B. Thanks BB!

So how did we celebrate our anniversary? No fancy gifts for each other. We just enjoyed the 2 together times. So we chose to have a 3-course dinner with wine at Olio, Renaissance Melaka.

Before entering the restaurant.......... The ambiance and deco is cozy and beautiful.

The extremely heavy menu!

Hubby B is placing the order.

While waiting for the food to be served, we have some fresh from oven breads to fill up our stomach. Hey try dipping it with vinegar & olive oil. You will love it!

The starter for Hubby!

Chicken Chowder Soup for me!

We also ordered a Wild Mushroom Bruschetta to try.

Pizza Margheritta. The crust is thin & crispy. Too bad, it was not with the pineapple topping.

Fettuccini Carbonara. Hmmm... if the fettuccini can be cooked a little longer, then it will be a perfect one!

Chocolate Moose for BB. The chocolate is thick and I love it very much!

Ice-cream with fruits. Nothing to shout about!

Before leaving the restaurant, we have asked the waiter to take a photo for us. :)


SIL said...

Congratulations! The ambience looks lovely and the chocolate mousse... wow. Glad you had a good time. At the end of the day, it's not so much the place but the person you're with that makes it special. Glad that both of you could make time to celebrate.


Dora said...

Happy 1st Anniversary! The meals + environment look great!

Princess Geraldine's mummy said...

Happy anniversary to you both...yup, I've been there once..the ambiance was good and the pizza too...glad that you enjoyed the special dinner with special someone..well, you need to bring along little someone to celebrate with for next year anniversary!

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