37 Weeks of Pregnancy

OMG! Ethan's weight really increases 200gm / week. He is 3.1kg now. Dr. Liu checked and confirmed that his head is not engaged yet. Hence, he also can't induce me too. So what are the percentage for me undergoing vaginal delivery? His answer is only 20%. He said I can try and if failed, I can always turn to c-section. The additional cost is not much, about RM 150.

Hmm... I think Ethan is a very obedient boy. Actually I'm the one has been telling him that I was not ready till Week 38. I told him that I was busy chasing sales, interview, taking pregnancy portraits, etc. He heard me! Hehe....from now on, I should start telling him that it is time for him to say "Hello" to the world. If possible, next week because Dr. Liu will not be around from 30 Sept - 9 Oct. If Dr. Vincent has an operation, then I'll be handled by another on-call Dr. Besides, Hubby B is going to Bangkok business trip on 30 Sept. So I really hope that Ethan boy can cooperate with Mummy ya. Gambate!


Dora said...

Wah the additional cost only RM150?! Mine fr vaiginal birth turn emergency c-sect the additional is "many thousand bucks"... Hope baby Ethan comes out at the right time. Take care LiLi.

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