18 Weeks of Pregnancy

I'm into my 18 weeks of pregnancy now. Guess what? Our baby did a somersault in my tummy. The feeling was weird and yet it was an excited moment! Hubby was not around to share this piece of excitement with me. However, I shared it with him as soon as he returned from Guangzhou this morning. Unbelievable! He expression told me so.

Hmm... my friends around me have started to ask whether I'm carrying a boy or gal. Some said that my waistline can still be seen, so it should be a boy. Some said it is a girl because my tummy is rounded. Haha... my friends, the result shall be revealed on next Saturday, ok.

Hey, remember that I complained of my belly itchiness last 2 weeks ago? Oh ya, it is getting better after I tried out Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks. Sigh.... after few try, I only realised that this cream is suitable for me. Anyway, it is never too late!


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