21 Weeks of Pregnancy

Ethan & I had a tiring week, especially our trip to JB. My friend's car was broken in on Wednesday around 12.45am. We were sleeping very soundly that night till we received a call from the front desk manager. So my friend went down to check out the damages immediately. The left side window at the passenger side was smashed terribly. Our bags which only consisted of clinical papers, files and samples were stolen! We went to report the police and the whole process dragged us about 2.5hrs. How effective how police force is! By the time we reached the hotel, it was already 3.45am. Exhausted!

We found a bit suspicious for the case. Firstly, we parked near to the main entrance. The parking spot was bright & it can be spotted easily by the Metro parking worker. Then, the hit by the thief was quite strong because it splashed to quite a distance. The strange thing is the Metro parking worker didn't even hear it! Besides, the last shift of the patrolling happened at 12.45am and 1am. How could the thief acted so fast right?

The next morning, my friend went to discuss with the hotel management team! They refused to compensate the loss at first. They will only reimburse to us once it is approved by their GM. However, they gave us 1 night complementary stay so that we can repair our car. We were so unlucky! Once we were back from dinner, we noticed that the hotel was in a dark. Shit! The manager said one of the cable was spoilt. We were hanging out at the lobby for about 2hrs. By the time we returned to our room, it was about 930pm! Tired, tired & tired! I wanna zzz...........


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