20 Weeks of Pregnancy

I had my first lesson of Yoga on last Monday. As I am pregnant now, every pose that I do is simple and is modified to suit my body of two. If I recalled correctly, I have been taught on breathing technique, Dromedary Droop, Chest Streches, Kegel & also Pelvic Tilt. Though it is just an hour class, I pretty enjoyed the process. Especially towards the end of the relaxation pose, Caroline played a song, Grace & Gratitude by Olivia Newton John, my tears secretly rolled down my face. Why? Because the song is so touching and Caroline actually made quite a number of statements along with the song.

Besides, I have suffering from quite a bad backache on Wednesday. I guess it was due to the lazy chair that I sat on in the afternoon. With such pain, I have no choice but to obey to the side sleeping position. Haha... Luckily, it really helped in easing my pain.

Basically, I have had a peaceful week. Hopefully it shall be remained the same for next week as I will be away to JB for 3 days.


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