Shopping Heaven @ Bandung - 25 Apr, 2009

We booked our 2N stay at Grand Serela Hotel. The hotel's van picked us up from the airport. Great service, isn't it?

This is the main entrance of the hotel. The location is very strategic because it is just a walking distance to the factory outlets.

Our room is pretty big with a balcony. We paid Rupiah 1,785,000 (~RM 526) for 2 nights.

After settling down our luggage, we surfed for the factory outlets in this street. We saw Heritage & Cascade. They are both next to each other. Actually both FOs are selling the same clothing except Cascade's ambiance is more cozy and comfortable compared to Heritage.

This pond is located at the restaurant in Cascade. The Koi are extremely friendly. Just lay your hand towards them and they are more than happy to give u a big kiss.

You can find many of this stalls along the street. We never even dare to try out the food.

We rather hunt for their local food at Riau Junction Mall.

Avocado Juice ordered by BB.

Strawberry Juice for me!

My favourite Indonesia made "Tahu".

Suzana loves this food. It is called as Bakso (Meat Balls Noodle). The noodle tastes something like our Wanton Mee. Not bad.

Soto with Rice. It tastes so-so only. I think my MIL's Mihun Soto taste much much more better.

One of the must visit FO. The interior is very modern. Too bad that we are not allowed to take picture inside. BB bought his French Connection & DKNY shirts from here and it is darn cheap. About RM 30 per piece. Besides, you can also find Nike, Guess, Timberland, Calvin Klein, Zara, Gap, Ralph Lauren, etc from this outlet.

We also visited few other outlets but it was not worth going at all. The clothes look fake and the setup are messy. As I was feeling tired and exhausted, we returned to the hotel to take a nap.

We couldn't find any places for food. Hence, we ended up having our dinner at Cascade.

Avocado Juice & Melon Juice. The Avocado Juice tastes better compared to the one we had this afternoon. Guess this one is without the caremel.

Nasi Bakar with Fried Chicken.

Fried Chicken.

Since we have not contributed our sales to Cascade & Heritage, we continued to shop at both outlets after our dinner.

Well, if you are at Martadinata (Riau), we will suggest you to visit only this 3 outlets. That's it. Don't waste your times exploring the rest of the FOs.

So these are our winning items for the day. Our damage for the day was about RM 345 for a total of 18 pieces of clothing.


alfredooooo said...

haha..nice to shop le...i only bought 10 pieces t-shirt. i like BAKSO...u should put their sambal la..damn nice..i ate 2 bowls le....

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Wa Sei, you can eat huh. You had the one at the roadside?

alfredoooo said...

nope...i ate at pasar baru foodcourt...the grill chicken in bandung also very nice....have u try bandung ginger coconut? really can fly after u taste it..DAMN nice dessert la!!!!

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