Country's Tid-Bits & Candies Cottage @ LCCT

The moment I see this outlet, I was like "Whoa! It is my heaven!" Haha.... there are so many choices of "Asam". As we walked along row by row, we also tried out the "Asam" one by one. It was so fun!

Are you ready to go into this cuttle fish room?

They serve few types of cuttle fish. As I was vegetarian for half a day, I could only looked at BB enjoying himself tasting the cuttle fish. :(

Besides the "Asam" & cuttle fish, they also have different types of marshmallow and candy. Can you see the one in blue is lining up at the counter? Hehe... it is my Hubby B. He is paying for the cuttle fish!

Anyway, it is worth popping in to this shop if you are a tibits lover like me.


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