Shopping Heaven @ Bandung - 26 April, 2009

We both slept so soundly last night. After having our breakfast in the hotel, we ordered a Blue Bird Taxi to Rumah Mode. It costs about Rupiah 25,000 (RM 7). The price was pretty reasonable.

Rumah Mode. Here we come. This is the most high class FO in the city.

The outlet setup is beautiful. Do you feel like you are in Bali instead of Bandung? Anyway, the outlet is big. You can find many good quality branded items there; Burberry, Guess, J.Crew, Clavin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Zara, Esprit, Abercrombie & Fitch, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren, Givency, Hermes, etc. We believe that the clothes there are authentic as you can see from the tag. Anyway, the fabric is very comfortable for the price we are paying for.

The entrance to the food court.

The stalls are clean & the staffs there are friendly.

Yummy Satay. BB was surprised to see me finished up the lontong. Haha.

How can I resist my favourite dish, Tahu Pong Gimbal Telur right?

Nasi Ayam Penyet. Their chicken is so skinny even our Malaysia Kampung Chicken is losing out to it.

Day 2 damage at RM 1150 for a total of 32 pcs of item.

Since it was raining, we have no choice but to have our dinner in the hotel. We are the only guests there. Guess the food must be lousy then.

Watermelon Juice.

Nasi Komplit. It was just ok only.

After the dinner, BB thought of having a drink in their lounge. We hang around there for 15 minutes and no one came to serve us. Poor service! Anyway, the drink there doesn't look attractive and the tax is sky high, about 21%.

Some highlights to those that plan to visit there.
  1. 2 nigths are more than enough if you are planning to go for shopping only.
  2. Do not need to waste your times going to all the FOs. We recommend you to go to Heritage, Cascade, Secret and Rumah Mode will do.
  3. Bring along some instant noodles with you. You hardly can find any convenience store there.
That's all. Anyway, we have a wonderful shopping trip there! Woo.... we need our bed badly! :-)


alfredoooo said...

you 2 really can shop hah! 32 pieces!!!! r u crazy a bit...ha ha ha ha. the chicken is skinny but very nice right?? i didnt try the kuih cause my colleague all very hygenic. no one willing to share with me la :(

Cutie said...

Firstly I need to congratulate for becoming a mommy soon. I'm so sorry that I have not been visiting your blog that I did not know so much has happened in your life. Anyway, take care of yourself. Right now you have another little one inside you to be taken care of. hehe...

MaxGoh said...

hahah been there last 2 year and sapu-ed some burberry cloths ....hehehe. great place and highly recommended

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