Little Birdie

Nowadays, I will try to schedule my checkup on Saturday. So, we went for our prenatal checkup this morning. It was indeed an excited one because we will know our baby gender later.

Dr. Liu did the scan for me today. He checked on baby size, heartbeats & Nuchal Translucency. He also shown us baby's digestive system, bladder, spinal cord. Everything is normal and baby is growing healthily!

See! He was lying comfortably there!

Then it comes to the most interesting part! The gender! Our baby was hiding his / her private part from us again! Dr. Liu tried to play with our baby so that he can open up the legs a bit wider. He did! Guess what we saw? It is a active birdie in Mommy's tummy. Haha.... naughty boy!

We tried to view him through 3D scan but it wasn't very clear. Can you see him? This little boy has been very active inside. He punches, kicks & even hiccups in there where ever and when ever he likes.

Well, this mommy only increased 400gm this month. Dr. Liu assured me that as long as baby is growing, mommy's size is not really important. :) That's sound good right? Meaning I will have less weights to shed off after my delivery!

Consultation fees: RM 50


alfredoooo said...

congrats steph, so can start shopping now lo..... cause got direction oledi!!!!

stephanie kok said...

ah so is a boy!
i lose weight too during pregnancy too.

any names yet?

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Haha Alfred... but dont know what to start with le. Coz will be getting most of the items from my SIL. :)

Yes, it is a boy. My Hubby and I love the name of Ethan. For his Chinese name, we will get his Grandpa and Grandma to name it.

CL said...

Heheh, the doctor is very expert ah, one white line also he can tell is a penis.

Congratulations, must keep praying for Ethan to grow up to be wise and tall and brave and strong.

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

haha... this only one of the file saved by the dr. Thoughout the scan, you get to see it quite clearly. Thanks sis. There is the meaning of his name.

alfredooooo said...

steph, dr liu allow u to save in the pen-drive hah? i never ask him before la

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

ya, he did that for me wor. u can try for Leanne next visit. :)

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