35 Weeks of Pregnancy

Baby Ethan is weighing at 2.6kg! What? 300gm increased since last week checkup! Mummy's weight dropped 100gm from the week 32 checkup. All the nutrients have gone to baby Ethan?

If Ethan's weight is going to increase 200gm per week & there are 5 more weeks to go, then by full term, Ethan shall be weighing at 3.6kg. Dr. Liu looked at me smilingly & asked if I would wanna induce myself in week 38. He is worrying that Ethan's size is too big for me if I wanna go for vaginal delivery! Huh? Induced labor? Isn't it painful? Will I distress Ethan and ended up with c-section? With his size, I'm also worrying that I will have episiotomy! So many questions popping in my mind. Anyway, Dr. Liu will further access in next 2 weeks checkup.

Ethan boy, lets pray hard that your weight will not increase so much in the next few weeks. Then mummy will not suffer so much during the labor. Remember the promises we have made to each other?

Consultation fees: RM 50


Mummy to QiQi said...

Talking more to baby Ethan certainly helps. Episiotomy isnt as scary as it sounds. Furthermore, this is your first pregnancy, so very likely you will need it. Hey, i can walk and run after my doctor stitch me up ler..so no worry, k!

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